DBT – Week 1

This is my first week really practicing and working hard on my DBT skills. One of the first aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy is Mindfulness. Mindfulness comes down to recognizing feelings and behaviors, and paying attention to exactly what you are doing in the moment.

What I’ve been practicing this week is acknowledging my feelings (anxiety, tension, sadness, etc.) and letting them BE. Not trying to fight them or ignore them, just saying “I’m feeling anxiety and tension right now,” and not letting that change anything about what I’m doing.

I’m new to this whole idea, so this has been a big and hard step for me. I managed to do really well the first couple of days, but inevitably, it gets more difficult to put this skill to use. I’m combining this skill with daily relaxation and deep breathing exercises. I know it’s a very useful skill to practice and have in my toolkit for anxiety.

When it comes down to it, being able to acknowledge a feeling and then let it be is really a very important skill when dealing with mental illness. Most of my difficulties revolve around feelings and sensations that I have no control over, which makes me feel very helpless and can cause panic. When I successfully let the feelings be, I’m able to take away some of my self created anxiety and focus on the task at hand.

I’ll keep updating on my DBT weekly, and hopefully I can document the progress that I’m making and the ways this therapy is helping me.

Thanks for reading,



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