I met with my Dr. and we decided to up my Latuda from 60 to 80mg, and also to move a little faster getting me up to a reasonable dose of lamotrigine. She also prescribed me Klonopin for while everything is evening out, so I’m hopeful the next few weeks will be easier. 

So far no crying spells today and only mild anxiety. I haven’t done a whole lot though. Definitely a better day so far than yesterday. 

My Dr. also said not to feel too bad about taking the Klonopin as needed while I’m getting stable. Normally I’m worried about taking it too often, so it’s nice to know it’s okay to use it as needed. 

They still go back and forth with whether I have MDD or Bipolar, but I think this med change is geared towards the idea that I have Bipolar II. I’m not thrilled about that idea, but an answer is probably better than no answer. 

I also do think the magnesium has been having a bit of an effect. It’s slight, but the anxiety hasn’t caused me to go to bed particularly early this week, so that’s been nice. I’m definitely going to keep taking it and see whether the effects continue or not. 

I’ll keep updates coming on how the med changes are affecting me. My Dr. said hopefully I’ll be able to see some changes within a week on the increased Latuda, so that’s encouraging. 

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