Anxiety and Depression Update

A little update on anxiety. I’m hanging in there but it’s still not fun. The Klonopin has been helping but it’s still difficult. 

My Dr. said that the lamotrigine may also help with anxiety and I’ve read some positive reviews. Has anyone had experience with lamotrigine? I’m only on 50mg right now but I’m working up to at least 200mg over the next few weeks. 

I really would say that the anxiety has overall decreased, it’s still really frustrating though. I’m also thinking about asking my Dr. to add a small dose Seroquel to help with the anxiety if nothing else can. 

The depression has also been a bit better since upping my Latuda. It’s still there but it’s not quite as bad. I have less crying spells, even though I’m still exhausted constantly and not very happy. 

I’m hoping I’m close to finding the right cocktail of meds for me. 

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