As many of you know, I’ve been doing DBT with my therapist. This week though, because I’ve been having such a hard time, she recommended I not work on any new skills and just take deep breaths and walk my dog every day. So these are my goals. I also have other things to do in a day, such as school, cleaning, cooking and maintaining my house, but that’s the plan right now. 

Also, since I’ve been sleeping over 12 hours per day, she recommended I make a daily schedule that includes waking up earlier. I have to say, the combination of waking up earlier and having a set schedule has done wonders over the past couple of days. I feel a lot less anxious (knock on wood), and it’s helped me to focus and accomplish all of my schoolwork. 

I’m still a mess, but I’m getting better. I’m also up to dose on my lamotrigine/Lamictal now, so we’ll see how that helps. I’m also going to check my blood sugar as I think I may be dealing with hypoglycemia (Zyprexa made me prediabetic), so we’ll see where that takes me. I originally had a Dr. appt planned to test that but then insurance got all wacky so now I’m just going to test at home and go to the Dr. later if needed. Although I need to set up with a primary care physician soon anyway. 


4 thoughts on “Therapy

    1. Thanks! I’m still on the fence about DBT. I know it’s supposed to be helpful but I’m not seeing it yet. Granted, I’ve only been working on it about a month. My therapist said people usually start to find it helpful around the 4-5 month mark.

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      1. I agree with your therapist. I started to gain benefits that started to feel effective after 7-8 months. It’s a lot to take in and get your head around.

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