Bipolar 1

Well, my diagnosis has changed. My therapist told me that I most likely have Bipolar 1, because the symptoms I described from last summer sounded like a manic, rather than hypomanic, episode. 

I’m a little nervous about this, as Bipolar 1 is sometimes thought to be more severe than Bipolar 2, and the manic episodes make me nervous, because the last one I had wasn’t fun but it only involved slight delusions, not full blown psychosis. I have concerns that it will progress. 

At least I’m on meds and relatively stable at the moment. 

I’ve been having some restlessness and racing thoughts, along with a bit more anxiety. My pdoc suggested lowering my Latuda as it could be causing those symptoms, so I may try lowering it again. I’m nervous because it’s been helpful to get me out of my depressive slump a bit, but maybe I only needed it upped for a little while. 

My focus has gone out the window completely. It takes me half an hour to write a forum post for school because my brain isn’t working. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but it’s really difficult since I’m taking 16 credits this semester. Hopefully during spring break next week I can get a little ahead to help out with it. 

That’s all the news for now. 


One thought on “Bipolar 1

  1. 16 credits is a lot! I am bipolar 2 and I am all too familiar with mania although my diagnosis deals more with depression than mania. I am on latuda too, but think it is not doing anything for me anymore. I only got better when put on lithium so I am going to ask my doctor to take me off of it.


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