About Me

I’ve been on this journey a long time. Sometimes I attain happiness for a while, but it slips from my grasp again and I’m left feeling empty and cold. So this blog is about the work I do everyday (to the best of my ability) to get through, and to hopefully make it back to happiness.

I struggle with anxiety and mood problems (which are mainly on the depressive side). I’m working on CBT and DBT skills, and I’m also on many medications. I’ve struggled with these issues for about a decade now. I started this blog as an outlet while I’m struggling to become well again.

I’m not sure what recovery looks like for me. What I hope to achieve is coming to a place where I enjoy my life. Depression sucks the joy out of everything you do. It’s sucked joy from my hobbies and interests, my friends, my husband, my dog, and my career. I get scared sometimes that it won’t go away, that I’ll never recover. I know that’s a lie made up by my depressed brain, because all of the evidence says that medication and therapy work. So, I’m putting in the work, because that’s all I can do right now. I’m trusting that it will payoff.